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Welcome to G. C. Marshall Association Romania!



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In aceasta saptamana, la doi ani de la primul Summit privind Securitatea Nucleara ce s-a desfasurat la Washington, atentia lumii este concentrata pe Seul, capitala Republicii Corea unde lideri si reprezentanti din  peste 50 de tari si patru organisme internationale se intalnesc pentru a discuta despre securitatea nucleara.
Amenintarea terorismului nuclear este reala. Indivizi sau grupuri pot achizitiona si folosii materiale nucleare sau radioactive cu intentii rauvoitoare. Statele au responsabilitati nationale pentru a combate aceasta amenintare globala prin securizarea materialelor vulberabile, combaterea traficului ilicit si prevenirea actelor malitioase.
Materialele nucleare si radioactive sunt folositoare si benefice in multe domenii, cu o larga diversitate de la industrie la medicina, si daca sunt folosite necorespunzator pot reprezenta un pericol atat pentru mediu cat si pentru populatie. 
De aceea, statele trebuie sa fie vigilente si sa tina aceste materiale si instalatiile asociate in conditii sigure, fara exceptie, cu protectia si expertiza necesara pentru a le proteja fata de toti acei care intentioneaza sa le foloseasca malitios, sau sa saboteze astfel de instalatii.
Actuala Cooperarea si sustinere internationala contribuie la cultura de securitate nucleara care transcede frontierele si ofera o baza comunca pentru intelegerea si actionarea la nivel local, regional, global. Amenintarea este globala si raspunsul trebuie sa fie global.

Avand in vedere importanta evenimentului de la Seul si faptul ca topicul Summitului este unul de actualitate si interes si pentru Romania, va invitam joi 29 martie 2012, incepand cu ora 17.30, la sediul Asociatiei din strada Turturelelor nr 11 pentru a participa la expunerea „Siguranta nucleara in contextul amenintarilor globale” sustinuta de catre  dl. Lucian Biro, expert in securitate nucleara.

Pentru prezentarea dr. Lucian Biro click aici.


Environmental Security

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The most active alumni association of the European Center for Security Studies George C. Marshall, is recognized as the organization of Romania has initiated, together with the Ministry of Environment and Forests and supported by “Carol I” - University Central Library / UCL, a unique conference with participation of foreign experts, on "Environmental Security." 
At the event, held on 28.04.2011, in the auditorium of UCL, took part (inter) national security experts, diplomats, active and reserve military personnel, journalists and guests from abroad. 
For starters held a speech Dr. Doru Frunzulica, Chairman, "George C. Marshall - Romania", Dr. Mireille Radoi, general manager UCL, U.S. emissaries and ambassadors of Germany and Mrs. Barbara Whiter, counselor at the Marshall Center.
The strength of this necessary scientific meeting was the Japanese Ambassador's speech in Bucharest, Natsuo Amemiya, focused on the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami on the area where it is located at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. 
A consistent intervention, on the correlation between security environment and national security professor was Dr. Vladimir Rojanschi, vice-rector of Bucharest Ecological University. 
Both exposures are justified and generated many questions, reflecting audience interest for lessons learned from such natural disasters with an unprecedented impact on the environment and human communities in the area affected by natural disasters. 
Interestingly, objective and with the latest information, comparative and enlightening, was the speech of the Minister of Environment and Forests, Laszlo Borbely, an official with positive results in attracting European funds intended to improve the security environment in Romania. 
Timely, pragmatic, concrete answers to the perplexities of the participants, there were benefits of the conference from the Director General of Cernavoda Nuclear Power, Ionel Bucur, Ph.D. and Executive Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Consulting in the fields, Ionut Purica, Ph.D., member of the European Nuclear Society and the World Energy Council. 
With a separate data stream, regarding the international dimension of the security environment were presented at this conference, Colonel Laurent Currie, Swiss army officer, now an expert of the Marshall Center and Petros P. Petroff, Deputy Director of SECI. 
The conference was a good opportunity to assess how the public and Romania pays attention to environmental security. A not inconsiderable challenge in the current decade.

PPTs from the conference for download:    Click here for UCL photos.

- ppt Petroff;

- ppt Rojanschi;

- ppt Currit;

- ppt Borbely.


Anunt Conferinta Securitatea Mediului

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In data de 28 aprilie a.c., incepand cu ora 9.30, in aula Bibliotecii Centrale Universitare - Carol I, Calea Victoriei nr. 88, va avea loc conferinta cu tema „Securitatea Mediului”, organizata de Ministerul Mediului si Padurilor, Asociatia George C. Marshall – Romania si Centrul European pentru Studii de Securitate George C. Marshall, cu sprijinul Bibliotecii Centrale Universitare.


About G. C. Marshall Romania Association

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George C. Marshall-Romania Association was set up on 13 March 2000 through the decision of the Foundation Assembly of the Association with the participation of 66 persons as founding members, Romanian alumni of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, who develop their daily activity in different establishments like: Parliament, Presidential Administration, Government, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Special Services, private companies and some non-governmental organizations.

George C. Marshall-Romania Association is a full member of the Partnership for Peace Consortium, associate member of Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) through Romania Euro-Atlantic Council and has a cooperation agreement with the Atlantic Association from Spain.

The main goal of George C. Marshall-Romania Association is to promote and to contribute to the evolution of the Romanian society towards a modern democratic western oriented society, through supporting and promotion of the national interests and values in the process of Romania integration into the Euro-Atlantic and European organizations and structures. The association contributes at the development of the civil-military relations, at the modernization of the national security and defense institutions and supports their role within the Romanian society.
The association aims to contribute to the enhancement of the Romania political, diplomatic, military and economic relations with EU, NATO and his neighbouring countries.

In order to achieve its goals, George C. Marshall-Romania Association realized the followings: accomplishment of common projects and programs of cooperation with George C. Marshall European Center